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Activación Energética

What is Energy Activation?

Activation Energy is for everyone.

Activation Energy is an energy tool that unlocks and balances energy and emotional and spiritual information.

In this tool we activate energy points that unlock energy and repressed emotions, activating the original kundalini energy and generating healing in the energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

We work with Kundalini, Toroidal, and Universal energy, accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Let’s heal the emotional information.

The central nervous system is restructured.

Each energy center of our body has a plane where there is repressed information.

This information is inherited from past generations, karmic experiences, or emotional traumas, and manifests itself in the physical body in the form of diseases, fears, insecurities, and blockages…

Activation Energy enhances the generation of new neural connections.

The central nervous system is restructured and the process of energy healing is accelerated.

Event Information

This event is created only for Donation based to help our Paramanand Institute in India build the third larger Worldwide ANANDMAY Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center based on Yoga&Meditation for treating patients.

We suggest the Amount of 25US Dollars per person per Session.

Step 1:

However, as it is on Donation Based, feel free to make your own donation considering everybody at this event is working as VOLUNTEER and the final goal is helping to build a new Yoga Therapy Hospital.


Please mention in the payment description the code:

Paypal Link is direct to Paramanand Institute & Anandamay Yoga Therapy Hospital Research Center in Ujjain, India.

Step 2:

Please send me a copy of your Paypal donation to get Zoom Access for the event to

Recommendations for Activation Energy session:

  1. Make sure you have a good Internet connection with no distractions and download Zoom App.
  2. Check your device’s sound as we use music during the session. We recommend using Bluetooth headphones or independent speakers for better quality.
  3. To make sure you have a healthy and comfortable session we suggest you be on an empty stomach at least 3 hours before the session, with loose and clear color clothes. Avoid metallic objects such as jewelry, zips, or bottoms.
  4. You just need a mat to lie down on, a blanket, and a quiet space.
  5. Avoid coffee, alcohol, or toxic substances at least 24-48 hours before.
  6. If you have any medical condition I need to be aware of please don’t hesitate to contact me. This practice is NOT suitable for people with heart problems, schizophrenia, epilepsy, psychosis, or pregnant women over 6 months old (if you are experiencing any of these situations you cannot do the session at this time, be honest with yourself please 🙏)
  7. If you suffer from light sensitivity you can use eyeshade, this also can help you keep your eyes closed.
  8. Last and most important thing, SURRENDER to the process and NO EXPECTATIONS are the key points for this practice. Everything can happen!!!
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